Regular readers know that, following the lead of the estimable Chris Nelson, I am sticking with explanation that what Israeli struck in Syria was a Scud shipment.

Now, Laura Rozen helpfully posts 273 words of a 290 word story by Intelligence Online, claiming that the mystery target of the Israel raid was … wait for it … a shipment of Scuds!

The parts were shipped from North Korea aboard a container ship flying the Panamanian flag. The U.S. Navy wanted to board the ship in Morocco’s territorial waters but Rabat vetoed the operation. The parts were loaded aboard six trucks in the Syrian port of Tartus on Sept. 3 and took three days to reach Dair el Zor. The trucks and their loads were destroyed the moment they arrived at the underground base. A unit of military police that escorted the convoy was also wiped out in the attack.

The story is actually dated two weeks ago, the snippet doesn’t contain any sourcing and, frankly, I know nothing about the credibility of either Intelligence Online, or its founder Maurice Botbol.

But the detail is interesting. I wonder if it will check out.

Fun Fact: When the Spaniards pulled a shipment of Scuds off the So San, the missiles were hidden under, you guessed it, “cement”.