I love my job.

You probably noticed that the Iranians tested what Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar reportedly claimed is a two-stage, solid-fueled missile with a 1,200 mi range the other day. (Naijar gives an interview in the video, but it is in Farsi — little help? Open Source Center?)

I don’t really see the difference between this missile, Sejjil, and the Ashoura (or Ashura) that Iran claims to have tested earlier in the year — the ranges are similar and externally it looks identical to “Ashura” drawings released by MDA. (Update: Skepticism abounds.)

Josh Pollack raised some very interesting questions about Iran’s solid-fueled programs in a post on the blog, Iran’s Ashura Missile Mystery.

I don’t have any flip answers at this point — though I think it is an excellent argument for why Aegis is a more appropriate missile defense option for Europe than ground-based midcourse.

Either way, I love missile pics as much as the next guy. Wonkporn.

As usual, Fars has the best images. The images at IRNA, ISNA and Mehr seem pretty much the same. The photos may have been distributed to the news agencies.

As usual, some of the galleries don’t include call the pictures. Obsessive types at the Mehr site will want to check out images 404961 though 404968 for those two extra images.