Meri Lugo and I have a short piece on nuclear weapons dismantlement in The Argument, Foreign Policy’s “provocation about global politics, economics, and ideas, written by people who shape them.”

Speaking in Prague on April 5, U.S. President Barack Obama called the thousands of nuclear weapons sitting in world arsenals “the most dangerous legacy of the Cold War.” He proposed deep cuts in U.S. and Russian nuclear stockpiles. But when policymakers talk about nuclear reductions, what do they mean in practice? After all, you can’t just leave the warheads out on the curb on Tuesday morning for the garbage collector to pick up.

Not much opportunity for links, but I wanted to mention both Dismantling U.S. Nuclear Warheads by Hans Kristensen and Stan Norris, as well as a OTA report on Dismantling the Bomb ….

My interest in this, by the way, is entirely a function of my obsession with gravel gerties like the one pictured above (in Nevada). Seriously.