I’ve been meaning to write something about the scope of the CTBT — this ongoing debate about whether the Russians believe so-called hydronuclear tests are permitted under the treaty

I don’t find compelling the evidence that Russia has a different definition, let alone that they are conducting tests that over time will alter the military balance but I accept that my judgment is not a very good proxy for the sixty-seventh vote in the United States Senate.

RIA Novosti quotes Russian President Medvedev as saying something that would suggests the Russians think zero means zero:

“Under the global ban on nuclear tests, we can only use computer-assisted simulations to ensure the reliability of Russia’s nuclear deterrent,” Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said. “Therefore, the most powerful supercomputers will be placed in federal nuclear centers.”

The interesting question, I suppose, is precisely what he said in Russian.

Little help? Spasiba.

Update | 11:36 Is that a yellow car on the right side of image? Does this mean that Russian nuclear complex officials, like their American counterparts, insist on using lame automobile analogies? That is something that Obama and Medvedev could sign — a Treaty Banning Automotive Metaphors (T-BAM) in nuclear weapons policy making.