The Russians — big surprise — have released the Russian text of the New START/Prague Treaty and the Protocol. Last I heard, the Obama Administration was planning to wait until the entire packet was submitted to the Senate.

Of course, the documents are all in Russian. So, those of us who would like to be helpful are, again, reduced to working from a machine translation. Thanks almighty for Pavel Podvig.

The same thing happened this summer, when the Administration tried to sit on on the Joint Understanding, the Russians burned them, and the official copy leaked — all without action by the White House. Actually, the Russians have done this throughout the negotiation.

Every time, the White House gets caught flat-footed. What exactly is the major malfunction here?

Open note to the White House: The Russians don’t give a f*ck about your carefully managed roll-out, ok?

Upate | 11:13 am I take it all back. State has posted the Text and Protocol online. I can only assume this was the plan all along.