If you are not familiar with Ms. Elahe Mohtasham’s allegations against various persons associated with the University of Southampton, lucky you. Keep it that way and read no further.  I will not dignify the allegations by repeating them.

If you have been exposed, however unwillingly, to this ugliness, then you ought to know that the UK High Court has issued a judgment against Ms. Mohtasham.  Here is what Southampton’s law firm said:

University of Southampton & Howlett v Mohtasham [2012] EWHC 1630 (QB)

Case Summary  |   8 November 2012

This was a three week trial in the Queen’s Bench Division in which Jessie Bowhill acted for the successful Claimants. The Defendant in that case had over the course of eight years published allegations throughout the world that the University of Southampton and leading academics in the field of nuclear non-proliferation had plagiarised her work, and discriminated against her on the grounds of race and sex. In his Judgment of 8 November 2012 Deputy Judge Pittaway QC held that the Defendant’s allegations were false and made maliciously, and amounted to harassment and intimidation of the individuals concerned.

A copy of the full judgment of the High Court is available here.

I spent three hours reading the 59-page document last night and recommend you do the same.