Michael Krepon

Michael Krepon

Michael Krepon is the co-founder of the Stimson Center. He worked previously at the Carnegie Endowment, the State Department, and on Capitol Hill. He has written over 500 articles and is the author or editor of twenty-two books, mostly the product of Stimson programming. He's now writing a book on the rise, demise and revival of nuclear arms control. He was given a lifetime achievement award for non-governmental work to reduce nuclear dangers by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in 2015.


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    Rob: Thanks for this.Treaties have provided a legal basis for on-site inspections that have proven essential to draw down nuclear…
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    Phil: I've never been a talking points kind of guy. That makes me an old male elephant. Best wishes, MK
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    My take: you can't shore up deterrence with moves like this when alliances are dissed from the top down. Pakistan…


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