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  1. Mark Lincoln (History)

    Well over 50 years of joyful contrail watching leaves me unsatisfied with the explanation given.

    I have seen hundreds of contrails come over the horizon and pass overhead, never did one look like what was shown.

    I also have watched many missile launches, both near and distant during the same period of times.

    The trail shown seems much more like that left by a large solid fuel rocket such as ones I have seen launched from Pt. Mugu. Moreover this ‘contrail’ originates, according to witness reports, near or at the USN launch facility on San Nicholas island.

    While that facility normally launches nothing larger than the MQM-8G), a BMD related launch at sea of a liquid fueled missile of foreign design which was a ‘target’ in a missile defense test suggests that a launch of a solid fuel rocket might have taken place.

    The USN Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division has published a NOTAM for the LA area activating Area W537 and closing CAE 1176. Areas CAE 1155, 1315 & 1318 are not available for Oceanic transition from 9 Nov. 2010 and 10 Nov. 2010.

    The ‘contrail’ sure looks like a rocket launch, and not an aircraft appearing over the horizon.

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